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music and costume history tour at the Chinese House

In 1754, Frederick II commissioned the construction of the Chinese House in Sanssouci Park, following the general enthusiasm for China of his time.

Thus, the sandstone figures lining the house are wrapped in golden, fantastic robes. Some sit with tea or coffee under palm trees, others listen to music. Well visible on high pedestals are the musicians with historical, universally known and fantastic instruments.

How did the enthusiasm for China come about at the Prussian court? What did courtly society know about China? Where do the boundaries between fantasy and reality lie? And how do the representations appear today against the background of exoticism, Eurocentrism and cultural appropriation?

Verena Lührsen (art historian) and Michael Metzler (specialist in historical percussion) explore these exciting questions during this sonorously illustrated guided tour.

The event ticket includes an individual visit to the Chinese House during opening hours on the day of the event.

As part of the theme year "Prince - Emperor - Colonies
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