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Where and how do I see the special that other people should also experience? Does what I see - and feel - become universal or does it immediately disappear again in the flow of a constantly changing "truth"? Does what was true yesterday still hold today? Or will it be completely different tomorrow?

The participants in Ina Schoenenburg's seminar at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie come from very different backgrounds. They met in the second year of Corona, initially only in the 'lockdown' at home in front of the screens. "Go out and take pictures!" - with this instruction Ina Schoenenburg sent them on a search for subjects. The result is a strange as well as surprising collection of pictorial statements about encounters on balmy summer evenings, irritating objects along the way, the end that is over, goths, the B93, piles and numbers, and young people in transition to adulthood. These photographic snapshots reveal transience, pure being-there, melancholy and also joy.

With works by Nadja Bauer, Lukas Becker, Caroline Haufe, Kai Kniepkamp, Thilo Krämer, Miroslav Pap, Luisa Voita, Nadja Wehling
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