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Guided tour of the 6th European Day of Restoration

Babelsberg Castle has a very eventful history of use, from Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (later Emperor Wilhelm I) with his wife Princess Augusta, a judge's school after the Second World War, to the Museum of Prehistory and Early History in the 1990s. And each use brought new color to the wall surfaces and renewed the architectural design.

During a visit to the castle kitchen and the main staircase in the castle, restorers show and explain examinations of the architectural versions, how they tell stories about the different uses and how their design has changed over time. With Barbara Zillmer (SPSG) and Prof. Dr. Jan Raue and Maika Hansel (both FHP).

At the end of the tour there is the opportunity to talk to professors and students from Potsdam University of Applied Sciences about studying restoration.

In collaboration with the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (FHP)

(Program in German)
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Price: €6.00

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