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Wind-Or-Jester (WOJ) concert | Symphonic wind orchestra from Berlin

The changing tides - sometimes gentle, sometimes stormy, suddenly completely calm. Like the constant rise and fall of the ocean waves, sounds combine to form a harmonious work that captures the emotional intensity and majestic beauty of the tidal landscape.

With the concert program "GEZEITEN" the Wind-Or-Jester presents an artistic interpretation of these natural phenomena that shape this world. The audience can simply let themselves be carried away by the musical current.


  • Atlantic Waves (2020) | BRITO, Eduardo M.
  • Second Symphony (1981) | BARNES, James
  • Aquarium (1991) | DE MEIJ, Johan
  • Vulnerable Joy (2022) | BLACKSHAW, Jodie
  • Symphonic Overture (1991) | BARNES, James

Director: Lisa Xanthopoulou