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From September 22nd to November 5th, 2023, the Friends of the Willy-Brandt-Haus will present the photo exhibition for the German Peace Prize for Photography. The exhibition shows the winning series by Sebastian Wells and his Ukrainian project partner Vsevolod Kazarin as well as the works of four other nominated photographers.

Sebastian Wells (OSTKREUZ) and Vsevolod Kazarin have created a series of portraits of a young generation of creatives in Kyiv, growing up in the midst of revolution, conflict and war.

The documentary photography served to portray the youngsters in their individual surroundings and to use photography as a visual language to reflect the horrific reality of the Ukraine war.

The photographic series by Aljoscha, Yagazie Emezi, Cèsar Dezfuli and Mattia Velati, which were also nominated for the award, document the situation in conflict areas or deal with current topics such as flight or climate change. They draw attention to war, violence or protest and at the same time emphasize values such as humanity, resistance and justice.

  • The German Peace Prize for Photography is a joint initiative of the special paper manufacturer Felix Schoeller and the city of Osnabrück, which honors works that deal with the subject of peace in a photographic and conceptual way.