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How many people eat with knife and fork worldwide, how many use fingers and hands? When and where was the can invented – or margarine? How is the typical life of a pig in an industrialized farm vs. a pig in an organic farm? And in what month is actually the much-quoted "season" for which vegetables? The new CULINARIUM in newly renovated stables from early 19th century, presents itself as a unique new location with multifunctional usage concept.

Collage mit Eindrücken von der Vielfalt des CULINARIUM © Stiftung Domäne Dahlem
Collage mit Eindrücken von der Vielfalt des CULINARIUM © Stiftung Domäne Dahlem © Stiftung Domäne Dahlem

Germany's first permanent exhibition on the cultural history of food provides a strong new emphasis in the mission of the domain Dahlem. "From field to fork", so also the title of the exhibition, leads to a journey from 1850 to the present. At hundreds of objects, installations, presentations and media stations visitors can discover that "food is much more than only to eat". The exceptionally varied and inspiring design makes always curious to learn more about the world of food.In the attic children can expect a separate experience area. In the “kids-domain” hands-on exhibitions invite children to discover and try out actively.

Moreover, a red "children trace" runs through the entire exhibition that represents all issues in child-friendly language and design. For adults, all texts are in English and German.The CULINARIUM has received several national awards.
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Disability access on all three floors