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Tristan - Back in 2022

The new special exhibition "Dinosaurs!" at the Museum für Naturkunde brings dinosaur star "Tristan Otto" back to Berlin. Besides him, there are other spectacular dinosaurs to see.

KEY VISUAL Tristan © MfN

The Tyrannosaurus rex is the superstar among the dinosaurs. From 1902 to today about 50 specimens were discovered in North America, none of them completely. The Museum of Natural History now shows one of the best preserved skeletons in the world. Out of about 300 bones, 170 have been preserved, making it the third largest in the list.

Tristan and Otto - the sons of the two owners are namesake of the T. rex - will be provided to the museum in the next few years for research and presentation free of charge. He comes from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and was discovered in 2010. The salvage and conservation took four years.

In December 2015, Tristan Otto was the first original T. rex skeleton to arrive in Europe and at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Since then, the superstar among the dinosaurs has inspired around three million visitors from Berlin and the world for research and nature. At the beginning of 2020, it was time for the Berliners to say goodbye - at least temporarily. As part of a cooperation, Tristan Otto has been on display since June 2020 in the special exhibition "King of Dinosaurs" at the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen.

From August 23, 2022 Tristan Otto can be marveled at again in the Natural History Museum in the new special exhibition "Dinosaurs!"

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