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For their play, Rimini Protokoll pulled Stasi files from the archives into the present day city. About a hundred people were interviewed in Berlin-Mitte, remembered or reconstructed observations at the microphone. How do protocols of observation at the place of their recording sound today to those observed at that time, and how quickly do you go from being an uninvolved guest to an active player*?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: 50 Aktenkilometer – Ein Stasi-Hörspiel für Selbstläufer
© Getty Images, Foto: yipengge

With the view of the familiar everyday life of the city and the original sounds of that time in the ear, a strange picture puzzle is created. During their walk in the middle of Berlin, listeners*in their ears come across more than 80 acoustic bubbles in the form of observation reports, personality images, operation plans, memory protocols and original sounds from the archives. With their smartphones, the users* become "insiders" who go down in history. The city becomes accessible as an audible, highly subjective archive.

50 file kilometers - A Stasi radio play for self-runners is available via the platform radio aporee - miniatures for mobiles and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store of Google Play or Apple. You need a cell phone with the open source operating system Android version 1.6. or higher or an iPhone. Further information is available here
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