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Discover great housing projects of the international building exhibition

In the middle of Berlin, directly at the large Tiergarten, you can discover international exhibition architecture. The architecture of the 1950s is anything but antiquated: the architects designed great ideas here - from micro apartments to clever solutions over several floors.

Hansaviertel Wohnungsbau TAC (Walter Gropius)
Hansaviertel Wohnungsbau TAC (Walter Gropius) © Fiona Hirschmann

The large urban development from the post-war period is, together with Karl-Marx-Allee, on its way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both large complexes represent different political systems that implemented housing construction at the highest level in a variety of ways.

The buildings of Interbau 1957, designed by over 50 renowned architects, were experimental and innovative. The Hansaviertel celebrated the revival of an international modernism. To this day, one can find sophisticated floor plans from the entire range of communal living, from private bungalows to rows of terraced houses and high-rise living.

Project selection
  • Residential buildings Oscar Niemeyer I Walter Gropius I Arne Jacobsen I Sep Ruf I Alvar Aalto I van den Broek und Bakema I Egon Eiermann u.v.a.
  • Eternit house Paul Baumgarten
  • Giraffe house Gerhard Siegmann
  • Hanseatic Library Werner Düttmann
  • Academy of Arts at the Hanseatic Way Werner Düttmann
  • Berlin Pavilion Hermann Fehling, Daniel Gogel and Peter Pfankuch
✓ Architectural tour guided by Berlin architects
✓ Program in German
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