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Nándor Angstenberger wants to invite his audience to rediscover the small things of everyday life and thus learn to appreciate the beauty of the inconspicuous and easily overlooked.

Exponat Weltenbau
Exponat Weltenbau © N. Angstenberger

His materials are mostly found objects: Forgotten, abandoned and lost, or found objects from nature. They have patina, they have scratches, discolorations, are deformed. These traces of life are what make the material interesting to him, and it is in their composition that he unlocks the magic of these things.

It is an aesthetic of the imperfect, which is characterized by asymmetry, roughness, irregularity, simplicity and economy, thus demonstrating respect for the peculiarity of things.

Angstenberger studied fine arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg and describes himself as a world builder and material archivist. His works and stage designs have been on view at the Marta Herford Museum, the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop, and the Kunsthalle Emden and Philharmonie de Paris, among others.
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