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Contemporary European Art. Berlin. Moscow. Paris

90 artists from 35 countries show the diverse artistic face of Europe: Diversity United presents established and young artists and advocates a European dialogue.

"Antarctic Village" von Lucy + Jorge Orta ist Teil der Ausstellung "Diversity United"
"Antarctic Village" von Lucy + Jorge Orta ist Teil der Ausstellung "Diversity United" © Foto: Thierry Bal, Lucy + Jorge Orta "Antarctic Village"

With stops in Berlin, Moscow and Paris, the Diversity United exhibition addresses themes such as freedom and dignity, dialogue and conflict, political and personal identity, democracy and its erosion, (fear of) the future, solidarity and separation, the current pandemic and its consequences.

The major cross-border exhibition project can be seen from June 9 to September 19 in two hangars at Tempelhofer Feld.

The initial spark for the project came from the Petersburg Dialogue. Diversity United is a joint project of the Bonn Foundation for Art and Culture and the renowned Tretyakov Gallery Moscow

The exhibition shows the vitality and diversity of the contemporary European art scene after the fall of the Iron Curtain until today and underlines the importance of intercultural dialogue in times of political uncertainties.

It poses questions about freedom, dignity, democracy and respect and takes a look at historically relevant and current issues: political and personal identity, migration, (inner) landscape, gender discourse and equality, nationality and territoriality, geopolitical and social conflicts.

Diversity United brings together painting, sculpture, video and new media, photography, installation, drawing and object art.

Works by 90 contemporary European artists representing different generations, genders and regions are presented, including Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Monica Bonvicini, Olafur Eliasson,  Mona Hatoum, Emilia and Ilya Kabakov, Alicja Kwade, Roman Ondak, Wolfgang Tillmans, Erwin Wurm, Nil Yalter and Slavs and Tatars.

A curatorium of international exhibition makers, headed by Prof. Dr. Walter Smerling has developed the exhibition concept.

  • The exhibition is under the patronage of Federal President Steinmeier and Presidents Putin and Macron.
  • The first stop will be Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, followed by stops in Moscow (New Tretyakov Gallery) and Paris (Palais de Tokyo).

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