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The diagnosis of cancer is a shocking experience for everyone affected and for their entire family and social system. Patients are overwhelmed with countless questions, and from one moment to the next nothing is the same in life.

Fears and strong emotions emerge, at the same time they are catapulted, sometimes with more or less pressure, into a medical therapy machine that they do not understand, cannot overlook. All of this is deeply unsettling.

Research in psycho-neuro-immunology over the last 20 years has shown that there are close connections between the psyche, the nervous and immune systems. If it is assumed that body, mind and soul (psyche) form a unit, then cancer is a disease of the whole person.

So the soul must also be included in the treatment of the illness. How this can happen and why it is important for the healing process to stabilize the psyche, Birgit Knappe would like to go into more detail in her lecture. To illustrate, some small exercises are made on the subject.

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