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The democratic game show with prominent guests

The climate crisis threatens a fictional planet. Four heroes set out to save him. Your mission is full of challenging tasks and complex decisions. They fight against environmental problems, against divisions in society – and against time. Can the players convince the audience and get them on their side? It's about nothing less than our future.

The game show “Democracy on Fire” is a new format for communicating politics and goes far beyond classic talk shows. Teamwork and a willingness to compromise must be demonstrated here, because this is the only way to solve current crises - from the climate crisis to social inequality. The guests are personalities from science, politics and the civilian population. No matter how different their abilities may be, together they can achieve anything. But without the audience, the four heroes are also at a loss, because their support is crucial for the successful mission on the fictional planet.

Be there when everyone heats up democracy and saves the world!

"DEMOCRACY ON FIRE" the democratic political game show from Das Progressive Zentrum in cooperation with Futurium, the House of Futures.

Venue: Forum
Admission: regular €10/reduced €5.
Event language: German
A ticket is required. Remaining tickets are available at the box office.

Photo & Video
Photos will be taken during the event. If you do not want to be pictured, please contact us in advance.

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