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This year, in the show "Zimt & Zauber", the Berlin Wintergarten travels with its audience to Neverland, a place where no one ever grows up. Peter Pan and his companions fight against their archenemy Captain Hook and encounter mermaids, pirates and a crocodile that devours time.

This fairytale-style variety show features stirring melodies and breathtaking artistry. It's an exciting adventure for the whole family that's sure to fly by.

Forty young artists from the Berlin children's and youth circus CABUWAZI from the "Springling" location in Marzahn enchant the audience with their impressive acrobatic skills. They surprise every year anew and take viewers away from everyday life into a dreamlike world. Three actors support the young artists so that they can fully concentrate on their impressive acrobatics.

The annual family event "Cinnamon & Magic", the title of which was once given by Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, invented, has been performed at Christmas time for over 25 years. For more than a decade, the annual premiere of “Zimt & Zauber” has been the traditional conclusion of the Berlin Fairy Tale Days.

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