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Concert hall cellist Alexander Kahl and cantor Jörg Walter play works by Oskar Wermann and J. S. Bach.

For the first time after New Year's Eve and the long weeks of hall events, you will hear the great organ in full again. Alexander Kahl (cellist at the Konzerthaus Berlin) and Jörg Walter will play two great works for cello and organ.

Oskar Wermann (1840 - 1906) was the Kreuzkantor in Dresden for 30 years at the end of the 19th century. To him we owe, among many other things, the beautiful Sonata in G minor for cello and organ op. 58. A work full of dark but also warm sounds and imbued with a solemn seriousness. It fits the mood of Good Friday, the commemoration of the hour of Jesus' death in particular.

In addition, the beautiful "Gamba Sonata" in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach is heard. It is the second gamba sonata that Alexander Kahl and Jörg Walter will perform together, after their concert in February 2022. Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Roth is responsible for the readings from the Passion story and the liturgy in the Musical Devotion.

Admission free, a donation for the church music at the Johanneskirche is requested
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