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"BLANK]" is a scenic experimental arrangement; a kaleidoscope of family constellations in one hundred freely combinable scenes. In them, both the immanent violence in the concept of "family" appears, as well as the question of the function of family for social cohesion, which threatens to disappear more and more in times of capitalist acceleration.

In many small and large encounters Alice Birch tells with love for her characters about the individual burden of family heritage, the desire to change images of women as well as the attempt to escape the cycle of violence and abuse - and also shows the collective ignorance of a society that supports an often deficient penal and social system and likes to lose sight of precarious grievances.

Director Uršulė Barto realizes with "[BLANK]" her second production in the framework of WORX.

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Additional information
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Participating artists
von Alice Birch (Autor/in)
Nico Holonics
Uršulė Barto
Simona Bieksaite
Liucija Kvašytė
Micha Kaplan
Clara Topic-Matutin