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4 days - once a year - 80 Antiques and Designmarketstands

4 days - once a year - 80 Designers of small Berlin labels and manufactories, self-made artists and upcyclers, in short: the Guard of the Young and Wild presents their current range.

Better Used Markt am Potsdamer Platz
Better Used Markt am Potsdamer Platz ©

Chic, weird and beautiful, a source of coolness, understatement and originality. Antique dealers show their classic repertoire with the best new acquisitions: Used with patina, collector's and collector's items.

Stylish second hand, vintage classics and noble upcycling products hit the nerve of our time. The Better Used Days at Potsdamer Platz offer a format for a young and self-confident movement to present itself to the public. Between the glass and office temples of the modern square, visitors experience a fresh, authentic piece of Berlin.

Contemporary labels, art & fashion from Berlin, designer secondhand and classic antiques, painting, unique jewellery, Asian functional design, innovative home accessories, second-hand glasses, ceramics, glass, enamel & paper works, designer bags & hats made of coffee jute, linen second hand, vinyl and innovations from records, photography & graphics, glass & design classics of the last decades.
presented by Beste Sammelfreunde UG

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