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A glimpse into the fascinating world of ramen creations and traditional Japanese cuisine!

The Berlin Ramen Festival
aims to create a vibrant platform for the ramen community, bringing together
enthusiasts, aficionados and newcomers alike to create a cultural-culinary connection
from Germany to Japan. With a passion for the
delicate art of ramen preparation, the Berlin Ramen Festival promises a unique
experience for taste buds and culture lovers alike.

This festival offers the opportunity to discover the deep connection between culinary creativity and cultural exchange. In addition to the diverse ramen creations, festival-goers can expect a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes that provide a comprehensive picture of rich Japanese cuisine. From exquisite appetizers to tempting desserts and refreshing drinks, there is something for everyone - no visitor need go home hungry.

"Our festival is not only meant to delight taste buds, but also to bridge cultures," says Karsten, one of the organizers of the Berlin Ramen Festival. "We are proud to create an event that celebrates not only the art of ramen crafting, but also the cultural diversity that this dish represents."

The Berlin Ramen Festival will take place as part of Sake Week on October 1st, 2023, from noon to 9 p.m. at the Berliner Berg Brauerei, and invites you to take the culinary journey to Japan without leaving Berlin.

  • Where? Berlin Berg Brauerei, Treptower Str. 39, 12059 Berlin.
  • When? 01.10.23, 12 - 9 pm
  • Admission? 3€ presale, 6€ box office (children up to 12 free).

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