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The WELTSTUDIO features three interactive map-making methods that reimagine the practice of cartography: the Person Map, the Thread Map and the Ball Map. You can make maps out of threads, body-sized posters with individual stories or tracks that lead rolling balls to your favourite places. Visitors work together to create, weave, draw and stamp out unique maps.

Konzentration! Der riesige Fadenkartograph fordert auch heraus
Konzentration! Der riesige Fadenkartograph fordert auch heraus Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, Foto: Phil Dera

The WELTSTUDIO offers both children and adults a fun experience of questioning and reimagining the meaning of map-making. Take part in the installation, create a new map, learn more about critical cartography methods or just chat in a relaxed atmosphere - the doors to the WELTSTUDIO are open to people of all ages.

  • Languages: German, English. No language skills required
  • bookable online and at the box office in the foyer
  • every four weeks Saturdays 2-5 p.m.
  • Meeting point: Berlin Exhibition, 1st floor
  • Duration: 180 Minutes
  • Free admission plus exhibition fee (reduced 0 euros)

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