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BABA NICE! is the title of Benaissa Lamroubal's third solo program, with which the comedian will come to Berlin in spring 2023. BABA NICE! is the conclusion of a trilogy that began with insights into Benaissa's role as a son and was then followed by his relationship with his father. In his personal evolution, the circle is now closed and the comedian himself steps into the role of the male parent, the "Baba". As a father of two, he deals in BABA NICE! with the daily challenges of a "Baba" between education, responsibility, conflicts and masculinity.


Benaissa Lamroubal presents his humor in BABA NICE! once again very sympathetically in refreshing and authentic stories. In his third solo program, he invites the visitors:inside on a journey into the life of a comedian who has been on stage for more than a decade. Benaissa Lamroubal will be accompanied on his live dates in spring 2023 by the new exceptional comedy talent Abdel Boudii.

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