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Tracing the Ghosts and Sagas of Old-Berlin

"Listen, people and let you tell you". The night is the time of ghosts, bats and demons. Find out why the castle is haunted by the "White Lady". Know why a dead man was once convicted in the Berlin court arcade in 1390 and why Berlin has a bear as its heraldic animal.

Bärentouren - Gerichtslaube
Bärentouren - Gerichtslaube © Bärentouren

Listen in ancient language to strange events about alchemists and robber knights from our old city chronicle, where you can also learn something new for old Berliners, and follow us on the romantic medieval tour.

Become familiar with the unknown and supernatural, embark on a journey into the unknown and immerse yourself deep into Berlin's past, before you are released back into your century.

(This tour is only in English)
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Private tours on other days or in German or French language are possible with arrangement