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History of the Luftwaffe's leadership services

The performance of modern high-tech air forces depends on the smooth interaction of a large number of different players.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Auge und Ohr, Hirn und Nerv
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An area which is not visible to the public, but whose activities ultimately depend on everything and without which no combat aircraft leaves the ground.

The presentation is intended to lead in a short and compressed presentation through the development of this service and its various actors. Which are what their respective tasks are and how they interact in the interests of the order fulfillment, this exhibition conveys an intuitive impression. In this sense, the small exhibition is, as it were, an anticipation and an outlook on a future comprehensive presentation of this complex subject. What has only been implemented so far for air traffic control is to be implemented within the framework of the imminent new concept of the MHM airfield Gatow in the coming years for the remaining service areas of the management services.
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