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Part of the Lecture Series 'The Imagined Orient' (Part 2, in German)

In the second talk of the lecture series The Imagined Orient, historian Stefan Litt (National Library of Israel) presents Hermann Burchardt’s unique biography, photographic work and reception up to the present day.

The Jewish photographer and linguist Hermann Burchardt (1857–1909) was undoubtedly considered “exotic” among Jewish orientalists of his time. Over a period of seventeen years, he traveled through most Muslim countries, immortalizing people, cities and landscapes on thousands of photographic plates. The Jews of Yemen were a central part of his work, especially during his last trip in 1909.

The lecture series The Imagined Orient introduces ways of understanding German-Jewish and Israeli perspectives on the term “Orient” and explores its contradictory fantasies and realities within the spectrum of modern Jewish experiences.

The series takes us from the 18th century to the present over the course of six events as it presents various biographies, films, photographs, texts and art pieces.
Additional information
Meeting point: W.M. Blumenthal Academy, Klaus Mangold Auditorium, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 1, 10969 Berlin (opposite the museum)

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Price: €6.00

Reduced price: €3.00