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An exciting outdoor experience in the style of an Escape Room

For one day, on April 15, 2023, the streets of Berlin will be transformed into a giant Escape Room. Alice is trapped in Wonderland and time is running out to save her! There are puzzles to solve that get curiouser and curiouser, crazy and mischievous challenges to face, and a conspiracy at the heart of Wonderland to uncover. Participants, like Alice, embark on an exciting world of adventure, intrigue and impossible possibilities.

Berliner Fernsehrturm
Berliner Fernsehrturm © AHOJ!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND BERLIN is an exciting outdoor experience in the style of an Escape Room. Walk through the city, solve clues and overcome challenges in the fight against time.

  • Start anytime between 9 am and 2 pm during the day
  • Game duration averages 2 to 3 hours.
  • The experience takes place exclusively via the award-winning app
  • Only 1 ticket is required per team. Each ticket is valid for up to 6 adults
  • Children under 16 play for free

Additional information
The secret game location will be communicated by mail 2 weeks before the game starts.