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Reading with actor Wilfried Pucher and publisher Michael Schuster

In August 1974, the motor ship “Johann Gottlieb Fichte” set off from what was then the overseas port of Rostock-Warnemünde on a quite unusual trip. In addition to the usual crew, there were also seven actors and the artistic and technical staff on board, who were entrusted with the implementation of the scripts for the nine-part television series “Zur See”. A large portion of the exterior shots were shot on a trip to Cuba from August to October. At the time, no one could have imagined that this would mark the birth of a real street sweeper.

Today, fifty years later, many people still cherish the memory of this great series and the actors, most of whom have now passed away. N

Of the seven with whom filming began, only Wilfried Pucher and Jürgen Zartmann are still “on board”. In recent years, Wilfried Pucher, a true thoroughbred actor, has thrilled people with his memories of this time and his eventful life as an actor.

This year he is going on tour again together with his author and publisher Michael Schuster to delight his and your audience with his art.

The theater is open from 4:00 p.m.