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Das Weite Theater

Traditional puppet theatre

Puppet theatre has a home in Berlin. Das Weite Theater offers performances for children, adolescents, and adults.

Who didn't love puppet theatre as a child? Doesn't the idea still tickle you, even a bit? Childhood memories are immediately awakened and a smile will cross even the most cynical of faces.

Das Weite Theater has been performing for more than 20 years at Lichtenberg's Parkaue, making itself a name that extends far beyond the local region. The puppets and actors deliver high-quality performances that are winning over audiences young and old.

An experience for all ages

Pieces for children are offered most days of the week. A family programme is on offer at the weekend, while teenagers and adults are entertained in evening events. New productions are staged each season.

“Weit” means wide

Although this theatre is mainly focused puppet theatre, it does push the limits FAR beyond that traditional genre, choosing whatever tells the story best. Guest troupes frequently take the stage here, including its partner Theater des Lachens from nearby Frankfurt an der Oder. Numerous Berlin theatre and drama groups also add to the stage offerings. Das Weite Theater also sends actors and puppets on tour across Germany and even to international festivals around the world. 

The clever puppet shows always include music. The puppets become "equal actors," as the acting team puts it. No effort is spared to make every piece and every performance special. The team continually surprises and inspires its audiences with new ideas and experiments while small surprises have become almost de rigueur

Theatre after the theatre

Das Weite Theater offers various educational theater programs for children and adolescents. After a performance, for example, the class can have the chance to speak with the actors and ask questions about the play or the acting profession.

Pieces can also be prepared and discussed in groups. Programmes can also be offered at the school or nursery complete with discussion and analysis.

Special performances are also always possible as well as educational theater workshops.