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puppet theater based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm for children aged 4 and older

Cinderella is exploited by her stepmother as a cleaning lady, humiliated and banished to the kitchen. When she wants to go to the dance in the castle, the stepmother gives her so much work that Cinderella almost despairs. However, the doves help her to get through the work and give her a beautiful dress. Since Cinderella always dances with a broom at home, she is able to dance wonderfully at the ball and the prince falls in love with her. But Cinderella leaves the party and the prince searches for her. He spares no effort to find his princess.

Schloss Schönhausen
Schloss Schönhausen © Runze & Casper, Foto Maria Conradi

Vera Pachale plays the well-known fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm with 50 cm high marionettes and enchanting stage design.

(Program in German)
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Price: €8.00

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Schloss Schönhausen