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Expressionism by the Grunewald

A bungalow in Dahlem houses the largest displayed collection of works by the art group, Die Brücke (The Bridge). Enter the world of avant-garde artists, who stood for a completely new attitude towards life - free, unacademic, personal and passionate. The work and lifestyles of Die Brücke members were revolutionary at the beginning of the 20th century. At first meeting with mixed reactions, the group's work eventually acquired nationwide and international importance.

Exciting and ground-breaking expressionist works in an idyllic location

In the 1960s, Die Brücke member Karl Schmidt-Rottluff establishes a new exhibition building in Berlin. In September 1967, the Brücke-Museum opens at the edge of the Grunewald forest. The location in the countryside reflects the collective's strong focus on nature. The gallery features the artists' extensive collections and gifts from Die Brücke friends. The spirit of the group is both preserved and displayed. Behind the façade of the elegant building are four large, simple rooms. Here, the gallery presents the paintings of Die Brücke artists. They are characterised by clean lines, angular forms and striking contrasts. In the brightly-lit rooms, the colourful images of the Dresden Expressionists become even more impactful. In addition, see rare watercolours and drawings, crafts and sculptures. Throughout the year, the museum holds temporary exhibitions with a focus on a theme or particular Die Brücke member. Works by artists contemporary to Die Brücke are also exhibited: from the beginning die Brücke seeks out like-minded people. Since 1986, the museum additionally houses an archive of prints and documents.

Highlights of the exhibition

  • Bungalow in the Grunewald - closeness to nature at the core of Die Brücke
  • The world's largest displayed collection of Die Brücke works
  • paintings, drawings, watercolours and original graphics
  • Crafts and wooden sculptures
  • Exhibitions of work by artists and groups contemporary to Die Brücke

Art and culture in Berlin-Dahlem

From the Brücke-Museum, it is a 5-minute walk to the Kunsthaus Dahlem, located in the former studio of National Socialist sculptor Arno Breker. Since 2015, It has housed exhibition rooms for German post-war modernist art from East and West. A tour through the sculpture garden is highly recommended. Art fans will also love the Köppe Contemporary gallery, which mainly shows work by young Berlin artists. One of the most comprehensive collections of European everyday culture is housed in the Museum of European Cultures. Gain insight into European rituals, traditions, and religions from the 18th century until today. In the nearby Botanical Museum, follow in the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt and see the outcome of his passion for collecting while on his travels. The adjacent Botanical Garden is one of the most important of its kind. Here, more than 20,000 plant species thrive. In a former soldiers' cinema and historical library, you will find the Allied Museum. The exhibition focuses on the role of Western powers in Germany from 1945 to 1994.

Our recommendations for your visit to the Brücke-Museum

Bus lines 115 and X10 will take you to the bus stop "Brücke-Museum / Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin", directly in front of the museum. The nearest underground station, Podbielskiallee, is located two kilometres away on underground line U3. For drivers, the museum offers free parking. Student and school classes enjoy free entry. If you want to visit the Kunsthaus Dahlem next to the Brücke-Museum, purchase a combi-ticket. The Berlin Museum Pass provides you with free admission. The museum offers free guided tours every Sunday at 11:30. Please register for group tours. The Brücke-Museum is closed on Tuesdays.


Opening hours

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Tuesday closed
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