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Breakfast & brunch in Berlin: starting your day with some local colour

Berlin's cafés and restaurants are once again allowed to serve guests outdoors from the Friday before Whitsun, May 21. Here you can find an overview of everything, that is already open in Berlin or will reopen soon

House of Small Wonders is a particularly imaginative location in Berlin, offering a truly special breakfast and brunch with exotic teas, various coffee specialities, and superfoods. Alberts and ALEX both offer "all you can eat" and, given the exquisite selection on offer, you'll find a bit more room for just one more bite. Whether it's Sunday brunch at Café Sieben or a cappuccino at the fountain at Prager at Café Engelchen in Wilmersdorf, it's all about the local colour. The same applies at Gottlob in Schöneberg.