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© GettyImages, Foto: Eva Katalin

Café Velicious

Vegan pastry shop in Friedrichshain

Owner Steffi is fulfilling her dream with Café Velicious. With her romantic café, the trained chef and pastry chef wants to make everyone happy who wants to enjoy a good piece of cake without animal products. But that's not all. Café Velicious is not just for those with a sweet tooth, but also for those who prefer savoury treats.

In addition to cakes, tarts, coffee and pastries - the classic patisserie offering - breakfast is also on the menu. It goes without saying that the most important meal of the day at Steffi's is completely free from animal products. So if you need something solid in your stomach before the vegan rhubarb and strawberry tart with vanilla cream, you've come to the right place. Avocado, tofu, hummus and co. are an excellent basis for subsequent feasts and taste great at Café Velicious. Steffi's dream has come true and it's not just vegans who feel right at home in her café.