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Delicious Breakfast in Berlin

The Editor's 15 Favourite Cafés

© Getty Images, Foto: juefraphoto

Berlin is a culinary surprise bag. This is also true for breakfast. Whether hearty, cosy, trendy, or traditional: It has something for every taste and every time of day (or night!). Here are a few of our favourite breakfast cafés:

1. Käfer in the German Bundestag

The Käfer roof garden restaurant in the German Bundestag provides a unique breakfast experience. Located next to the famous dome, German delicacies are served with a unique view of the city. Please note that a reservation is required here, in which you must specify a few personal details because you are entering the Bundestag. - Juliane Platz der Republik 1 in Mitte

2. Zimt & Zucker

One of my absolute favourite breakfast cafés is Zimt und Zucker in Mitte. The cafe with a cosy coffeehouse style is located directly on the Spree and has great seating indoors and out and tasty food. The extensive breakfast selection from sweet to savoury is especially compelling. Just like homemade rice pudding – but with the Zimt & Zucker credo you couldn't expect anything else! - Catrin Schiffbauerdamm 12 in Mitte

3. LuLa Deli Deluxe

LuLa Deli Deluxe in the heart of Friedenau: small, cosy, and warmly designed. We sit outside in the morning light on the turquoise and purple lacquered chairs and sip a Spanish Cortado. One look at the breakfast menu is enough to bring joy: Pancakes with fresh berries and dark chocolate? Organic scrambled eggs with green asparagus and herbs? Today, I'm trying the veggie breakfast with homemade curry humus, eggplant spelt spread, dried tomatoes, and homemade rhubarb strawberry jam - all with homemade bread and buns. It comes with a large selection of coffees and teas and cappuccinos like in Italy. After a heavenly breakfast, it's worthwhile to take a walk in the neighbourhood: We stroll across Breslauer Platz over to Niedstraße and the adjacent streets - a sunny residential idyll with small villas next to high Gründerzeit façades, lush front gardens behind wrought iron lattice fences – pure feel-good moments in the morning. - Dagmar Hedwigstraße 1 in Friedenau

4. Café Schadé

For €10.90 every Sunday you'll get a large, Mediterranean brunch buffet including 1 glass of Prosecco or orange juice at Café Schadé in the beautiful Sprengelkiez. After an excellent coffee, you can rush to the buffet: delicious salads and antipasti, hot main courses, sweet desserts, fruit, cakes, and more. My personal highlight: salmon with oven-fresh rolls! - Elli Tegeler Str. 23 in Wedding

5. Café Lenzig

Breakfast in the cosy Café Lenzig sets a "moving scene" with a "strong appearance" and "natural beauty".  The assortment of delicious breakfasts is as creative as the names. My favourite is the "interesting mix" with baked brie, yoghurt on muesli, and scrambled eggs ... - Kristin Eisenacher Str. 75 in Schöneberg

6. Suicide Sue

The name of the next restaurant can be quite discouraging at first, but don't judge a book by its cover. At Suicide Sue, the homemade spreads are the focus. Combinations such as goat cheese with rocket pesto, peanut tomato and brie-date are just three of the unusual variants. Whether to take away or eat there, the fresh bread is guaranteed to be delicious. - Juliane Dunckerstr. 2 in Prenzlauer Berg

Suicide Sue
Suicide Sue © Steve Herud

7. Café Schraders

For the past 15 years, Café Schraders has been making a name for itself in Wedding. And rightly so: big plates, affordable prices, and diverse, tasty dishes. The homemade jams, genuine Italian meats, various cheeses, and fresh fruit will have you floating in breakfast heaven very, very quickly. Vegetarians and vegans are also catered for, for example with the "Ohne Muh" breakfast plate. - Elli Malplaquetstraße 16b in Mitte

8. Silo

Berlin is at the forefront internationally: including with cuisine. But even I, as a now established Berliner who knows all the trendy venues, always find it strange when only English is spoken somewhere. Luckily, I can speak it a little and so I can order from hip waiters at the cosy Silo fluffy, flaky delicious pancakes with blueberries and a coconut water please. And it is very delicious! In addition to pancakes, there are also poached eggs and house baked granola with rhubarb compote on the menu of the Australian cafe. And let's be honest: how great is it to have all the world's culinary highlights in the neighbourhood? - Maxi Gabriel-Max-Straße 4 in Friedrichshain

Café Silo from outside during summer
Café Silo © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

 9. Gipfeltreffen

I'll out myself as a pancake fan. My second tip is also for a lovely café, which can not only conjure up beautifully served fresh fruit muesli and creamy cheesecake, but also serves airily warm sticky sweet Canadian pancakes. Tip: At Gipfeltreffen, you can sit outside, too. However, it might be full! - Maxi Görlitzerstr. 68 in Kreuzberg

10. Bastard

Once an insider tip, now a famous breakfast hotspot: Bastard – breakfast with homemade spreads, vegan options, and delicious jam has deservedly become known and is my absolute favourite in Berlin. The breakfast is simply amazing! But to be safe, you should now make a reservation at Bastard (during the week) – or get there early (on weekends). Oh yes. It has pancakes too. - Maxi Reichenberger Str. 122 in Kreuzberg

11. Anna Blume

Comfortably sitting in the sun and enjoying culinary delights – you can do this at Anna Blume near Kollwitzplatz. There is a wide range of tiered plates with different sizes of breakfast options. There are also delicious egg dishes, vegan, and vegetarian options. This café is definitely worth a visit in winter, too: The interior is cosy and compels you to linger. The decoration is mainly marked by plants from the connected flower shop. - Juliane Kollwitzstraße 83 in Prenzlauer Berg

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12. Grosz Kaffeehaus

For the particularly sophisticated breakfast experience: The luxurious Grosz directly on the Kurfürstendamm looks like an elegant Parisian café. The fruit pieces are made by the finest Parisian craftsmanship and are served in silver jugs and on proper-style tiered crockery. - Kristin Kurfürstendamm 193/194 in Wilmersdorf

13. A.Horn

I always like to go to A.Horn at the Urbanhafen for a hearty breakfast. On hot summer days, the terrace under large trees provides a lot of shade. The menu has everything on offer I expect for a delicious breakfast, without overdoing myself. Did I mention the homemade bagels? They're always good! - Sarah Carl-Herz-Ufer 9 in Kreuzberg

14. House of Small Wonders

full café "House of small wonder"
interior view café "House of small wonder" © BERmark

Trendsetters pay attention: This wonderful cafe in Berlin-Mitte is all the rage internationally. English is spoken at House of Small Wonders too, the prices are quite high-end, and you may have to wait in the vestibule at the spiral staircase entwined with plants for your table. You will then be rewarded with premium coffee, homemade peppermint lemonade, and a really good breakfast. The rather small breakfast menu ranges from sweet French croissants to homemade biscuit benedict. - Maxi Johannisstraße 20 in Mitte

15. Nalu Diner

If you've been to the US before, you'll love the Nalu Diner. Plastic placemats with the American president or the state birds and ketchup/mayo sets on the tables – you'll find everything here you remember from your stay in the US. The best: Not only the design and personnel are original Yankees, the food is too. You won't find a better breakfast platter in Berlin. Sausage, bacon, hash browns, eggs benedict, a pancake stack with syrup and FREE coffee refills – what more do you want? - Diana Dunckerstraße 80A in Prenzlauer Berg

Where else can you go for breakfast?

In Berlin, you can actually find a good breakfast always and everywhere – not only because most cafés offer their breakfast menu until well into the afternoon. No, there is also Schwarzes Café on Kantstraße which is open day and night, serves good food, and has a quaint atmosphere. Another breakfast classic is the Café Einstein based on the Kurfürstenstraße. Dishes are set on white tablecloths here, because tradition and quality are very important. Thanks to Christoph Waltz's apple strudel scene in Inglorious Basterds, the coffee house enjoys great notoriety amongst the younger audience and movie fans. The brand new Oslo coffee bar looks quite different. Here guests drink their freshly brewed coffee from cups that are made from coffee themselves and everything is modern, pretty, and Scandinavian casual. But there's something even more different: enjoy your croissant at 203 metres high. The restaurant in the dome of the Berlin TV Tower makes breakfast dreams come true from 10am-noon. Tip: with the discounts in the Berlin WelcomeCard entry is cheaper here. Didn't find what you were looking for? No problem, there are more breakfast tips at visitBerlin.