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Barbecue party on a summer evening
Barbecue party on a summer evening © Getty Images, Bild: EXTREME PHOTOGRAPHER

Barbecuing in Berlin

Whether it's meat or veg, Berliners like to use their green space to cook outdoors.

Across the city, barbecue areas invite people to come together for a sizzling good time. The scent of sausages, köfte, and halloumi fills the summer air from Charlottenburg's Goslarer Ufer to Tempelhofer Feld and Volkspark Friedrichshain.
Berlin is considered Europe's greenest capital, which is certainly one of the reasons why barbecuing has become one of the most popular summer pastimes. Of course, for safety reasons, you can't just set up a fire anywhere in the city, but only in parks and green areas with specially designated areas for barbecuing. Many also offer plenty of fun things to fill the time until the food is served, including proximity to some major attractions.

Barbecuing fun in City West

Barbecue © Getty Images, Bild: Sam Edwards

Goslarer Ufer, between the old gas works and an old canal, is an idyllic spot for cooking outdoors in Charlottenburg. After dinner, you can sit on the edge of the canal and dangle your feet and watch the boats pass. Or you can head over to Charlottenburg Palace and tour the former residence of the Hohenzollern monarchs or its magnificent gardens. Two green areas in nearby Wilmersdorf are also fine spots to light the barbie: Rudolf-Mosse-Platz on Mecklenburgische Straße and the popular Preußenpark.The lawns at both offer plenty of space for a nap or sunbathing before or after you eat. If you prefer to be active, the free fitness area with extensive equipment and instructions is another practical option. One of the hottest places for summer in Berlin is Tempelhofer Feld. When the weather's warm, the most delicious smells fill the air here, because the former airport offers three different areas for people to have a barbecue. Afterwards, there's always something fun going on. Or you can go skating or cycling or join in a game of badminton or frisbee. Almost everything is possible here.

Surrounded by sights: Berlin's historic centre

das Monbijoutheater im Monbijoupark
© Runze & Casper, Foto: Lutz Wasserkampf

Der Monbijoupark ist eine in der Spandauer Vorstadt von Berlin-Mitte gelegene Parkanlage an der Spree.

Monbijoupark is a small jewel in the heart of Mitte. Here you can grab the barbecue tongs as you enjoy views of the River Spree and then challenge each other on the basketball court or the table tennis tables. The small open-air swimming pool here is popular with the kids and the barbecue area couldn't be better situated when it comes to sights. Not only is the New Synagogue just a few minutes' walk away, you can cross Monbijou Bridge over to the world-famous Museum Island, home to five renowned museums full of world-class art treasures.

Barbecuing in the city's trendy central districts

Barbecue party
Barbecue party © Getty Images, Bild: Frank-van-Delft

Görlitzer Park is known for attracting a diverse public. Special barbecue areas are located near Cuvrystraße and at the the corner of Sorauer Straße in Kreuzberg. The 14-hectare site also offers a wide range of other activities, such as mini-golf and the small children's farm. If you're not interested in skateboard action, etc., there are also designated quiet areas.

An alternative in Kreuzberg is the lawn along Waterlooufer at Blücherplatz, where there may not be much space, but still is a relaxed spot for a barbecue. You can also head to Volkspark Friedrichshain, the oldest public park in the city, and cook up a fantastic lunch at Kleiner Bunkerberg. The famous fairy tale fountain, the lake with its fountain, and the scent and rose garden make for a perfect day out in this beautiful green area.

Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg is one of the most popular destinations for locals and visitors alike. Here you can set up a barbecue anywhere except the playgrounds.

Barbecuing in City East

Barbecue at the lake in Berlin
Barbecue at the lake © Getty Images, Bild: Wille B. Thomas

Treptow-Köpenick has become a real nightlife hotspot with the area around the Arena Badeschiff and Club der Visionäre. You can get the party started by cooking steaks or sausages on a barbecue at nearby Schlesischer Busch. If you want to add a bit of history to your outing, you could check out the former border guard tower nearby.

Alternatively, the district has a barbecue area in the Johannisthal Landscape Park, the former site of the airfield of the same name. In 2000, a park was created here to offer a place for recreation and sport and to preserve nature. The area is particularly popular among skaters.

Lichtenberg has three barbecue spots. The Stadtpark is considered an idyllic oasis of peace and you can set your barbecue in several places. Extra benches and tables have been installed here: a great insider tip for all those who don't want to sit on the ground! Afterwards, you should definitely stroll through the park with its picturesque little lake and lovingly designed flower beds. With a bit of luck, you might even experience one of the small concerts performed on the open-air stage each summer.

Fennpfuhl is Lichtenberg is the perfect spot for a lakeside barbecue. The weeping willows surround the romantic lake and you can set up your barbecue near the water and relax on the lush green lawns afterwards. Swimming is not allowed in the lake, but there are boats you can rent for a relaxed outing on the water. This quiet recreation area is near Anton-Saefkow-Platz. Not far away is the barbecue spot at Rudolf-Seiffert-Grünzug near Storkower Straße.

Even further away from the city centre, barbecue fans can head out to Hohenschönhausen. The barbecue area at this landmark is ideal for a weekend excursion, especially if you'd like to treat yourself to some peace and quiet. Surrounded by fruit trees, this is a perfect spot to start an extended cycling tour of the countryside. And, if you don't to bring your barbecue gear, simply use one of the barbecues that have been installed on site.