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Berlin Mauerpark by bike
Berlin Mauerpark by bike © visitBerlin, Foto: Carsten Rasmus/KlaRas-Verlag


Open space, flea market, karaoke

Amble through the flea market, a drink from the off licence on the lawn and singing along to open air karaoke – your Sunday afternoon in Mauerpark.

If the legendary Berlin attitude can ever be found at home, then it’s in the Mauerpark on Sundays. A relaxed amble through the stalls of the flea market, followed by a short climb up the hill and grabbing one of the coveted places on the swings and letting your gaze roam over the city before grabbing the microphone in the amphitheatre and impressing hundreds of fans at the Mauerpark karaoke.

Flea market in the Mauerpark

Directly next to the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg there is a flea market, where the stalls are primarily run by private dealers rather than professional sellers. The range of wares on offer is accordingly diverse. You won’t find well-ordered displays of antiques here, instead the neighbourhood comes together to browse through old records and sell household items, clothes, musical instruments and bicycles.

Mauerpark karaoke

Joe Hatchiban has been bringing his battery-powered karaoke system to the Mauerpark every Sunday since 2009. Providing the weather is good, he’ll be there from 15:00. Then it’s your chance to perform your favourite song in front of a couple of hundred people in the amphitheatre. Joe is happy to give advice, for example if it’s time to play an air guitar solo or rip your t-shirt off during a passionate performance. You’re guaranteed to get a huge round of applause.

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© visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

Karaoke at Berlin Mauerpark

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Events in the Mauerpark

In addition to the flea market and karaoke, the Mauerpark also attracts a great many visitors on other occasions. At Easter, families from Prenzlauer Berg hide Easter eggs in the grass and walk through the park while the children look for them. On Walpurgis Night, Berliners and visitors meet to dance until May starts and on the 21st of June every year one of the main stages of the Fête de la Musique can be also found here.

Retrospective: the history of the Mauerpark

At the time Berlin was divided, the site of the park was the border strip of the Berlin Wall and the area was off limits from 1961 to 1989. After reunification the no-man’s-land become a public park. After reconstruction work overseen by landscape architect Gustav Lange, the Mauerpark was officially opened exactly 5 years after the Wall fell on 9 November 1994.

Attractions around the Mauerpark

Families, hipsters, joggers and cyclists are all at home in the Mauerpark. Children are delighted by the Moritzhof young people’s farm where they can learn to handle animals as well as the crafts of the farmyard. Hipsters hang out in the many cafés and designer shops in the areas around Kastanienallee and Gleimstraße. The route of the Berlin Wall runs directly through the park where it not only forms a route for joggers but also a sightseeing route for cyclists.

And at the end one request

The Mauerpark is crowded on weekends. Of course, it's not possible to be really loud. Because the Berliners want to have a rest on the weekend. Therefore the request: Take consideration of the residents and be quieter.