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Barbecue party lors d'une soirée d'été
Barbecue party lors d'une soirée d'été © Getty Images, Bild: EXTREME PHOTOGRAPHER

Barbecue à Berlin

Les espaces verts pour griller

All over the city there are barbecue areas that invite you to cook together. From the Goslarer Ufer quays in the Charlottenburg district to Tempelhofer Feld park, via the Friedrichshain public park, the smell of sausages, keftas and grilled halloumi wafts in the summer air.
Berlin is considered the greenest capital in Europe, and this is certainly one of the reasons that getting together for a barbecue meal is one of the most popular activities in summer.. Obviously, for safety reasons, it is not allowed to barbecue anywhere. Specially designed areas for this purpose in parks and green spaces in the city invite you to share a log fire and, of course, these places also offer a wide program of leisure activities and proximity to tourist sites.

Please respect the environment : only use the barbecue in the areas provided for this purpose and then leave them in order. In summer, please check in advance if there are temporary barbecue bans due to drought and heat.

Due to the hygiene measures taken during the corona crisis, barbecues are currently still prohibited in most green spaces and public parks.

The fun of barbecues in City West

Barbecue © Getty Images, Bild: Sam Edwards

Located between the old gas refinery and the connecting canal, the Goslarer Ufer quay invites you to an idyllic barbecue in the Charlottenburg district. After eating, you can swing your feet in the canal and watch the passing boats. You can also choose the Charlottenburg Palace Park for a digestive walk or to visit the magnificent Hohenzollern Residence.

In the partner district of Wilmersdorf, two green areas invite you to barbecue on the barbecue: at Rudolf-Mosse-Platz in Mecklenburgische Straße or in the famous Preußenpark . The large lawns offer space to relax or sunbathe. If you prefer to be active, you can make use of the free fitness area with its many equipment and instructions.

A barbecue in the middle of the sights: the historic district of Berlin.

Bode Museum auf der Museumsinsel
© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

The Monbijou park is a little treasure in the Mitte district. Here you can handle the barbecue tongs while admiring the Spree and then use the basketball court or the ping-pong table for sports activities. If you have children, the small outdoor swimming pool invites you to cool off. If you are into sightseeing, the dedicated barbecue area could not be better located. Not only is the New Synagogue only a few minutes walk away, but, by crossing the Monbijou Bridge, you can also go to the famous Museum Island , where five prestigious museums house world-famous art treasures. whole.

Barbecue in the trendy districts of the center

Barbecue party en été
Barbecue party © Getty Images, Bild: Frank-van-Delft

One of the most popular summer spots in Berlin is Tempelhofer Feld. When the weather is hot, the most enticing smells float in the air, because this large park has three areas dedicated to barbecue where several people can cook simultaneously. You can then mingle with the crowd and participate in the activities. Skateboarding, cycling, badminton, frisbee: you can practice almost any sport here.

In Kreuzberg's Görlitz Park , you will find dedicated barbecue areas at Cuvrystraße and at the corner of Sorauer Straße. Families like to play mini-golf here or visit the small children's farm. For all those who are not interested in the skatepark or other such busy place, there are also some quiet areas for them.

Instead of going to Kreuzberg, you can choose to go to the Waterlooufer meadow at Blücherplatz. There isn't much space, but the dedicated barbecue area is known for its relaxed atmosphere. The Friedrichshain park also has a barbecue area in Berlin. In the city's oldest park, the Friedrichshain Public Park , you can barbecue at the Kleiner Bunkerberg and cook delicious meals for lunch. The famous “Märchenbrunnen” (fairytale fountain) fountain, the lake with its fountain as well as the scent garden and rose garden perfectly complete the day in this beautiful green space.

In Pankow you can barbecue in the Mauerpark on the area along Schwedter Straße, except for the playgrounds and the birch grove.

Barbecue east of town

Barbecue au lac à Berlin
Barbecue au lac © Getty Images, Bild: Wille B. Thomas

The Treptow-Köpenick district has a dedicated barbecue area in the Johannisthal Nature Park , which is named after the old airfield which occupied the site. In 2000, a park combining leisure, nature protection and sport was created there. The place is particularly popular with skateboarders.

The district of Lichtenberg has three barbecues. The city ​​park is considered an idyllic oasis of peace where several barbecue sites are set up. There you will find additional benches and tables - it's a real good address for anyone who doesn't like to eat off the floor. Then you should definitely take a walk in the park and admire its picturesque little lake and lovingly arranged flower beds. If you are lucky, you can even attend one of the small concerts that take place in the open-air theater in the city park in summer.

With the park of Fennpfuhl , the district of Lichtenberg offers you another opportunity to barbecue on the waterfront. In the park of Fennpfuhl, weeping willows grow on the banks of the romantic lake, where you can barbecue, and the green meadows invite you to relax in the grass. Swimming is not allowed in the water, but you can hire a boat and sail leisurely on the water. You will find the quiet leisure area near the Anton-Saefkow-Platz square. Nearby, the Rudolf-Seiffert-Grünzug barbecue on Storkower Straße is officially authorized.

Even further away from the city center, barbecue enthusiasts can indulge their favorite pastime in Hohenschönhausen. The Landmarke barbecue area is ideal for a weekend excursion if you want to indulge in some quiet time. In the midst of fruit trees, you can also start your bike tours from this place. If you don't want to bring your own barbecue, all you need to do is use the fireplaces available to the public to have your grills ready to eat.