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Airport Transfer Berlin

The fastest way to get from Berlin Brandenburg Airport to the city

The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is not only optimally integrated into the airline route network, but also has its own railway station. This is located directly below Terminal 1, allowing you to disembark the plane and board the train and S-Bahn (suburban railway) directly.

Terminals 2 and 5 remain closed for the time being due to corona. The vaccination center in Building M of Terminal 5 will remain in operation during the closure of Terminal 5. Terminal 5, converted from the old Schönefeld Airport, is also easily accessible by public transport. 

By train to BER Airport Terminals 1 & 2

Important: If you are arriving at Terminals 1 and 2 by regional or long-distance train, simply change to the S-Bahn lines S 9 and S 45 to get to Terminal 5.

  • By rail you can reach BER Terminals 1 and 2 via the regional trains FEX, RE 7, RB 14 and RB 22.
  • The FEX Airport Express runs via Central Station, Gesundbrunnen and Berlin Ostkreuz to BER Terminals 1 and 2.
  • The RE 7 comes from Dessau and travels via Berlin-Charlottenburg and Zoologischer Garten to BER Terminals 1 and 2 via Central Station, Friedrichstraße, Alexanderplatz and Berlin Ostbahnhof.
  • The RB 14 runs every hour from Nauen to Spandau and from there via Charlottenburg, Zoologischer Garten, Central Station, Friedrichstraße, Alexanderplatz, Ostbahnhof and Ostkreuz to BER Terminals 1 and 2.
  • The RB 22 starts at Berlin Friedrichstraße. You take it via Central Station, Zoologischer Garten, Wannsee, Griebgnitzsee via Potsdam Central Station, Potsdam Charlottenhof, Potsdam Park Sanssouci and Golm to BER Terminals 1 and 2.

Journey times from the city centre to BER Terminals 1 & 2

  • from Ostkreuz around 15 minutes
  • from Alexanderplatz around 25 minutes
  • from Gesundbrunnen around 25 minutes
  • from Berlin Central Station you can reach BER in 30 minutes
  • from Zoologischer Garten around 40 minutes
  • from Potsdam Central Station you should estimate around 50 minutes

Public transport service to Terminal 5 remains in place - Information on the vaccination center

The current public transport service at and to Terminal 5 will not be affected by the temporary closure and will remain in operation to the same extent as before. The Vaccination Center in Building M of Terminal 5 will remain in operation during the closure of Terminal 5. 

Transfer between city, Terminals 1 & 2 and Terminal 5

Terminals 1 and 2 are located directly next to each other. You should allow some time for the transfer to Terminal 5. The S-Bahn journey from Terminals 1 and 2 to Terminal 5 takes eight minutes, and you should allow an additional 10 minutes for the walk from the station to the terminal.

Of course you can also reach Terminal 5 directly from the city centre. From 31 October 2020, a total of 11 trains and S-Bahn lines will run hourly between BER and Berlin's city centre. The S-Bahn lines S 9 and S 45 stop at both Terminal 5 and Terminals 1 and 2.

Take the S-Bahn to airport terminals 1, 2 and 5

You can reach both Terminals 1 and 2 and Terminal 5 conveniently from the city centre by S-Bahn. Both the S9 and S45 trains run every 20 minutes, the new airport is therefore connected to the S-Bahn every 10 minutes.

With the S9 you can reach the airport from Zoologischer Garten in 50 minutes, from Friedrichstraße it takes around 40 minutes. The S9 line also passes other large stations in the city centre, so you can get to the airport without having to change trains.
The S45 takes you to Treptower Park, where you can change to the Ringbahn, with which you are also well connected.

Tip: With the Berlin WelcomeCard you can use all public transport free of charge and also receive discounts at numerous attractions and sights in Berlin. To get from BER to Berlin's city centre, you need a single ticket for the ABC fare zone, costing € 3.60. The regular VBB fare applies without a surcharge.

Save money with the Berlin WelcomeCard

If you decide to use public transport to or from the airport, please remember that BER is located in zone C. You will therefore need to purchase an ABC ticket for your journey to the city centre. A reduced ticket is valid for children up to and including 14 years of age.

By bus to Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Airport Shuttle BER
Airport Expressshuttle BER BEX


  • Several airport bus lines offer a direct transfer between Berlin's city centre and BER Airport.
  • Every 5 minutes the express bus X7 takes you from Rudow U-Bahn (underground) station (line U7 terminus) to Terminal 1 in 18 minutes, with an intermediate stop at the old Schönefeld Airport, now Terminal 5.
  • From 8 November 2020, the X71 will run from the U-Bahn station Alt-Mariendorf via the U-Bahn station Rudow to BER Terminal 5 and Terminals 1 and 2.
  • The airport shuttle BER1 from BEX Charter runs every hour between Rathaus Steglitz and BER Airport and stops at Terminal 5 as well as Terminals 1 and 2. The BER1 is subject to a surcharge and takes 45 to 50 minutes.

Additional bus connection for Terminal 5

  • Bus lines 163 (from S-Bahn Schöneweide), 164 (from S-Bahn Köpenick) and 171 (from U-Bahn Hermannplatz) also run to Terminal 5 every 20 minutes.

From the surrounding area to Terminals 1 and 2

  • Line 734 runs hourly from S-Bahn Zeuthen to BER Terminals 1 and 2.
  • From 31 October, line 735 will run from Königs Wusterhausen via the A10 Center and Wildau to BER Terminals 1 and 2.
  • Line 736 also starts in Königs Wusterhausen, stops first at S-Bahn station Wildau and then also goes via Miersdorf and Schulzendorf to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. 
  • Line 738 runs from the A10 Center via S-Bahn Wildau, S-Bahn Eichwalde and Waltersdorf to BER Terminals 1 and 2.
  • During the week the buses run every hour, on weekends and public holidays every two hours.
  • The two new city and suburban lines, 743 and 744, take you conveniently from the surrounding area to the new airport and at the same time provide better connections to neighbouring communities in Berlin. Line 743 takes you once an hour from Lichtenrade S-Bahn station via Großziethen and Waßmannsdorf to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Line 744 runs every 20 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays and takes you from the health centre, Großziethen and Rudow U-Bahn station to BER Airport. On Sundays and public holidays the 744 runs every hour. 
  • At night you can reach the airport by taking the N36. The night bus line runs between Mittenwalde, Königs Wusterhausen, Wildau, Miersdorf, Schulzendorf and terminates at BER Airport.

Arriving by taxi

The easiest way to get to the city centre is by taxi. Driving a taxi in Berlin is safe, but a little more expensive than in other cities.

After your arrival you will certainly see many taxis at the airport. You can usually assume that they are serious, but it is not wrong to ask how much the journey to your desired destination will cost. You can calculate the approximate price for your route in advance at, so make sure that the driver will give you a reasonable price.

Here you will find taxi numbers and further information about taxis in Berlin.

Chauffeur service

Do you want to treat yourself to something very special? How about a chauffeur service? This should always be booked in advance.
Normally you can choose the standard of your car when booking. At the airport, your driver will be waiting for you with a name tag, which will carry your luggage and take you comfortably to your desired destination. Some vehicles even have free WLAN and a selection of soft drinks. This, however, as well as the method of payment, depends on the transport company.

Other chauffeur service providers: