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The park Volkspark am Weinberg in Berlin
Volkspark am Weinberg © (c) visumate

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Volkspark am Weinberg

A public park between 50ies' architecture and Swiss idyll

The park Volkspark am Weinberg is a place for people to relax. Joggers run their laps, children enjoy themselves in the playground, and it is idyllic to walk by the lily pond or lie in the grass.

One leaves lively Brunnenstraße, a road in the centre of Mitte, arriving within a few steps at Weinbergsweg, and wonders about the name – after all, there is not a single vine far and wide. The historic Berlin vineyards that once stretched to the Landsberger Tor disappeared in the 18th century, thanks to the cooler weather experienced in Berlin, and only the name remains. During the 19th and 20th centuries, audiences came to the area to visit the theatres here, which included the Vorstädtische Theater on Weinbergsweg, Carow's "Lachbühne“ and the Walhalla Theatre. After the Second World War, the completely destroyed area was reconstructed as a public park, created by the national reconstruction measures of the GDR. A frieze, a shaded walk and the sculpture of Heinich Heines remain as witnesses from the Socialist era.

A public park with Swiss cuisine

The park on the Weinberg was neglected over time, but on the initiative of the residents of the park area, it was renovated in 2005. In the middle of the park, in a monumental pavilion from the 1950s, stands the Nola's am Weinberg: The terrace offers views of the city's green lung, to be enjoyed while eating modern Swiss-Alpine cuisine.