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visitBerlin netiquette

Rules for being polite on the Internet

We are always happy to receive constructive, objective feedback on the social media channels of Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH (visitBerlin). Do you have any suggestions for sites and activities that visitors absolutely must visit or do? Share them with the community! However, we ask that you abide by some guidelines when you do so:

What you need to know

Our social media channels are a place to discuss topics of immediate relevance to Berlin. No other topics can be discussed there.
Be kind to one another! We ask that you communicate in a respectful, friendly manner. Everybody has the same right to freedom of expression. Opinions must be recognisable as such, and have arguments to back them up. Do not give in to provocation. Cynicism, irony, and sarcasm are difficult to detect in writing, so please be considerate when using these types of expression.
Please comment in either German or English so that all users can join the discussion.

What is not allowed

  • Posts/comments containing the following are prohibited on our social media channels:
  • Hate speech, in particular insults, derogatory speech, discrimination, defamation, libel, and disparagement of any sort
  • Threats as well as any incitement or glorification of violence
  • Radical right-wing ideology, racism, and hate propaganda
  • Pornography, obscenities, fecal language, and any content liable to have a negative influence on young persons
  • Campaigning for elections or parties
  • Misuse of the comment function for advertising purposes or other commercial content
  • Posting content under pseudonyms
  • Violating third-party rights, e.g., by publishing photos of persons who have not provided their explicit consent to the publication thereof, or without the permission of the photographer, as well as missing source credits for photographs or quotes
  • Calls to participate in campaigns, demonstrations, rallies, or donation drives
  • Comments and discussions unrelated to the respective topic
  • Links to external websites of no relevance to the respective topic
  • Advertising for third-party offers
  • Publishing private or personal information (e.g., names, contact details, addresses, or telephone numbers)
  • Spamming, trolling, and bashing

We reserve the right to hide or delete comments/posts if they clearly violate the aforementioned rules, and to block persons who repeatedly violate these netiquette guidelines from individual channels or all of our social media channels. Comments/posts containing illegal content are subject to prosecution. Each user is responsible for their own published comments/posts, and Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH is not liable for such comments/posts.

We reserve the right to amend these netiquette guidelines at any time as we see fit.

Thank you for your understanding – see you in Berlin!
The visitBerlin Social Media Team