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Inside the museum
© visitBerlin, Foto: Jan Frontzek


Urban contemporary art on every corner – Bülowstraße in Schöneberg

On building walls and lamp posts, in U-Bahn stations and building sites – urban contemporary art greets the attentive observer at every turn in Berlin. And Bülowstraße particularly catches the eye: the passer-by quickly becomes a gallery visitor.

The sprayed and glued artworks can be seen so densely in this lively part of Schöneberg that you hardly believe you are standing in the middle of an exhibition in the open air. There is something to discover everywhere.

Urban Contemporary Art at every corner

Bülowstraße is particularly striking: here, passers-by quickly become gallery visitors. In this lively part of Schöneberg, the sprayed and glued works of Urban Contemporary Art show themselves in such abundance that one might think one is standing in the middle of an open-air exhibition. There is something to discover everywhere.

Urban Nation - Network

At regular intervals URBAN NATION, a young Berlin Street art network, brings national and international icons to the city. Street art greats like Handiedan, Jeff Soto and Dan Witz have all shaken their cans here. Their artworks can be seen all over this street and in the neighbouring streets, sometimes as meter-high murals, sometimes very small, almost hidden on posts and shutters.

A whole house as a work of art

The four-storey residential and commercial building at number 7 stands out particularly. It can already be seen from the above-ground subway. At regular intervals, a street artist transforms the entire facade into a gigantic mural. ONE has sprayed the word "Revolution" in meter-high, colorful letters on the façade. DALeast has let a golden eagle fly over the house. And the Iranian brothers IcyAndSot showed a wall falling scene on the building, based on an original photo.

A network becomes a museum

The Gründerzeit building was converted into the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART by 2017 according to the plans of the GRAFT architectural office. The museum is a worldwide unique contact point for exhibitions, research and exchange around Urban Contemporary Art. It presents regularly changing exhibitions from its own unique collection and houses the Martha Cooper Library. The photojournalist was the first to make the emergence of Urban Art visible through her photo documentaries.

Changing Walls

As is typical for Urban Art, the museum with its changing murals will always change its appearance and itself become a work of art. The museum is a place for working, cross-media exchange, networking, research and teaching. There are educational formats and interactive workshops. A highline - a footbridge that runs through the space - makes it possible to view the artworks both from a distance and from very close up. Behind Urban Nation is Berliner Leben, a foundation of Gewobag. Its goal is to promote art and culture. In Schöneberger Bülowstraße this has been more than impressively achieved.

Opening hours (additional information)

Tuesday and Wednesday 10.00 - 18.00
Thursday to Sunday 12.00 - 20.00