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Schlichten fahren
© GettyImages, Bild: Patrick Palej/EyeEm

Toboggan run on the northern slope of the Insulaner

For insiders.

It takes a bit of insider knowledge to get to this toboggan run. It is about 220 metres long and runs down from a 75 metre high Trümmerberg (mountain of rubble) that's affectionately known as the "Insulaner" (Islander). Not too long ago, the enchanted Schöneberger Südgelände park was also opened right nearby. The toboggan run is just a few steps away from here.

Experts and beginners

However, if you want to slide down the toboggan run from its highest point by yourself, it definitely takes a bit of practice, because the slope is very steep. So younger children and beginners prefer to amuse themselves on a smaller slope at the end of the actual toboggan run. The planetarium of the Wilhelm-Foster Sternwarte (observatory) is also located on the Insulaner. As well as the usual presentations, it also offers a radio play cinema and a special programme for kids.