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Theater Zitadelle at citadel Spandau Berlin
citadel © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Theater Zitadelle

The Town Musicians of Berlin

Lovingly carved and painted in every detail – cooks, knights and dragons with blinking eyes. Some are made of smooth material, while others are fluffy and furry. Some are big and scary, while others are small and cheeky. When they’re in the spotlight, you soon forget the actors behind them. At the Theater Zitadelle the puppets come to life.

The repertoire of the Theater Zitadelle is primarily aimed at children, with fairy tales like Red Riding Hood, The Brave Little Tailor and Puss In Boots. Lotta Leaves Home is based on a novel by Astrid Lindgren. Other popular plays include Igraine The Brave, Frederick and Tillie and Olaf The Elk.  

But don’t worry, there’s also fun for the grown-ups. The Town Musicians of Berlin – Cow, Wolf, Cat and Sparrow – sneak out of the old folk’s home to hit the town and make music one more time. And Puppen ante Portas will not only appeal to Loriot fans.

The ensemble at the Theater Zitadelle

Behind the puppets there are trained actors. Regina, Ralf and Daniel Wagner and Anna Fregin are responsible for the stage programme. The ensemble has already won several awards, such as the audience prize of the Wiesbaden puppet theatre festival and the Golden Penguin for Puss In Boots. Every morning and afternoon there is room for 90 grown-ups and children to enjoy the art of puppetry, and room for 60 at the evening shows.

Tip for families: Spandau’s citadel is one of the most famous and best-preserved renaissance fortresses in Europe, and there is much more for children to discover besides the puppet theatre, including guided tours through life in the middle ages, as well as craft and play workshops.