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Festival of Lights
Das Palais am Festungsgraben im Lichterglanz. ©, Foto: Verworner

Theater im Palais

Small stage, big writers, and always Berlin

Located in the heart of the city, old classics and new Berlin stories get their moment in the spotlight on the small stage at Theater im Palais.


The stage is just 5 by 6 metres and there are only 99 seats in the house. The grand ambience in such a small space creates a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere for each performance at Theater im Palais. Right in the heart of Berlin. The company has played at the Palais am Festungsgraben since its very beginning, behind Schinkel's Neue Wache and around the corner from Unter den Linden. Major institutions like he Maxim Gorki Theater, the State Opera, and the German Historical Museum are all just around the corner, too.

The history of Theater im Palais

Founded in 1991 in the Palais am Festungsgraben, the company continues to perform chamber theatre in this former palace. The palace was built in 1753 for Johann Gottfried Donner, Frederick the Great's personal valet. Today it is a listed building.

From theater classics to Berlin stories

The theatre's repertoire is diverse, but traditional with the primary focus on the authors. Classic pieces by the likes of Goethe, Schiller, and Shakespeare are regularly performed on the small stage. In addition, literary adaptations of stories by Fontane, Heine, and E.T.A. Hoffmann are also performed.

But the company never forgets its connection to Berlin, which is always a character in each production. After all, Berlin has countless stories to tell about the city, its residents, and its literary scene. Narrative, drama, and music are mixed in a completely unconventional way here, with productions often taking a self-deprecating look at Berlin.

The Junges Ensemble at Theater im Palais

The Junges Ensemble has also made its home at Theater im Palais since 2006. Although the performers are young, their pieces are for young and old. They have since performed more than 30 pieces under the ensemble's professional leadership, covering topics ranging from love to football.