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River Havel in Berlin
River Havel © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Take a dip

Unlimited bathing

On hot summer days, many explorations can be easily combined with a refreshing dip. Especially if you have children with you, we recommend cooling off in one of Spandau’s seven official bathing beaches, where the water quality is excellent. During the bathing season (15 May to 15 September) they are supervised by lifeguards from the German life saving association (DLRG), who regularly test the water quality.

The Bürgerablage bathing beach is in the north of Spandau on the Upper Havel and has a 600-metre-wide sandy beach, surrounded by tall pine tress. It is directly beside the Havel cycle route. When you’ve finished bathing, you can relax in the beer garden of the beach bar.
Niederneuendorfer Allee 84, 136 bus to Bürgerablage

In the south-eastern part of the Spektepark a small bathing area at the Kiesteich invites you to refresh yourself in the gravel pond. There is also a small kiosk for the culinary well-being.
Falkenberger Chaussee, Bus 137. 337, M37 to Mülheimer Straße or Am Kiestteich; Bus 131 to Spektebrücke, Bus 237 to Dyrotzer Straße.

A change of scenery to the south of Spandau: in Kladow on the Lower Havel there is a small bathing beach known as Breitehorn. During the summer, you share the bathing beach with gregarious Canada geese.
Kolonie Breitehorn, 134/ X34 bus to Breitehornweg, or 334 bus to Waldschluchtpfad

Two further bathing spots await you along the Unterhavel in the south of Spandau: the small bathing area Gatow and the large bathing area Gatow. As the name suggests, both bathing sites are characterised by a spacious sunbathing lawn. At Wiesenhaus 4, bus 134, X34 to Alt Gatow; Seepromenade 1, bus 134, X34, 334 to Helleberge.

At Groß Glienicker See in the south of Spandau there are two official bathing beaches: Moorloch at Groß Glienicker See South and Pferdekoppel at Groß Glienicker See North.The water here is usually so crystal clear that you can see down to several metres below the surface. It only gets cloudy after heavy rainfall.
Im Dohl, 135 bus to Waldallee, 234 bus to Krampnitzer Weg/Selbitzer Straße
Uferpromenade 9, 135 bus to Kurpromenade

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