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Known fontain in the "Weißen See"
Known fontain in the "Weißen See" © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Strandbad Weißensee

Lido at the white lake

The Weißer See (White Lake) with its characteristic centre fountain, surrounded by a park consisting of meadows and natural beauty spots, is guaranteed to provide that feel-good atmosphere for young and old alike – relaxing under palm trees on the beach, going swimming, having a barbeque and dancing. For the kids, there’s not only the fine, white sand for digging in and building sand-castles, but also a large climbing frame to clamber on as well as lots of games to play.

Like being in the Caribbean

The Weißensee beach combines an inner-city beach with a bar, restaurants, reclaimed sand and deck chairs with a real spa experience. Just like the beach bars on the Caribbean, the potted palms and bamboo bar counters here offer an extensive cocktail menu and non-alcoholic drinks to ensure a proper Caribbean atmosphere. With the only difference, you can swim properly in a real lake.

Short breaks for children and adults

Toddlers can splash in the shallow parts; while more experienced swimmers can venture further out. If you like, you can even take advantage of a neck and shoulder or aromatic oil massage. Or you might treat yourself to a few specialities from the grill. The beach even offers public viewing of international football events so every member of the family won't miss out on the action.

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