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Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank
© Stiftung KUNSTFORUM der Berliner Volksbank gGmbH, Foto: Franz Michael Rohm

Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank

Art at Lietzenseepark

The collection of the Berliner Volksbank contains around 1,500 works from the period after 1950, with a total of 147 different artists represented. The exhibitions are supplemented by guided tours, themed events and a special children's and youth programme in the workshop for creative people.

In the early days, the collection initially concentrated on GDR art from East Berlin, but also on outstanding representatives of the Leipzig School such as Bernhard Heisig, Werner Tübke and Wolfgang Mattheuer. Since 1990, works by Berlin and Brandenburg artists have been the main focus of the collection. The focus is on figurative art under the motto "Images of Man", later expanded to include "Berlin Cityscapes".

At the end of July 2016, the Berliner Volksbank Art Forum Foundation said goodbye to its location at Budapester Straße 35. Since November 2018, you can find the Art Forum at Kaiserdamm 105, where the art collection is the focus of further exhibitions. From 1985 to 2016, the Kunstforum of Berliner Volksbank presented three to four top-class exhibitions a year in its round exhibition hall of around 600 square metres. In cooperation with national and international museums and art institutions, over 100 exhibitions have been shown since 1985.

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10:00 – 18:00
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Tuesday - Sunday: 10 - 18 o'clock