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Stand up paddling at sunset
Stand Up Paddling at the Spree in Berlin © Getty Images, Foto: Felix Kayser/EyeEm

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Whether you like to workout or enjoy to tour the city, stand up paddling is perfect for the Berlin summer

Nalani SUP on the Spree_summer

Stand-up paddling (SUP) means standing on a special surfboard and propelling yourself on the water with a paddle. In this full body workout, stand-up paddlers strengthen their balance as well as various groups of muscles in the trunk, shoulders and back. It’s good for relaxation and for physical and mental balance and also improves concentration, endurance and coordination. At the same time Stand Up Paddling is a great way to discover Berlin from the water.

At Wannsee, sports enthusiasts can rent the appropriate equipment from Wassersport Center Berlin or from Standup Wannsee. Try one of the tours, for example to Schwanenwerder or once around Pfaueninsel.

Directly from the Badeschiff you can discover Berlin along the Spree with Stand Up Paddling. Paddle under the Oberbaumbrücke, past the Molecule Man to the Insel der Jugend, where you can take a refreshing break in the beer garden.

Nalani Sup Surving at Oderbaumbrücke in Berlin
Nalani Sup Surving at Oderbaumbrücke ©

During a trip to the Müggelsee lake you can also try your hand at stand-up paddling by the hour. Boards and paddles can be found at Nalani Surfing in Friedrichshagen and at the Wasserläufer in Köpenick.

On the Schlachtensee in Zehlendorf you can also choose between rowing boat or SUP board. How about a walk through the Grunewald forest or a refreshment in the beer garden at the Fischerhütte afterwards. Here you will also find the rental Steh-Paddler.

Pura Vida in the Rummelsbuger Bucht is actually a sailing school, but here too the SUP trend has long since established itself. In addition to the SUP basics, SUP fitness and SUP yoga skills are also taught.