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The Berlin Swimming Map

Lake Wannsee in Berlin at sunset
View over lake Wannsee © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

There are three ways to cool down when the temperatures rise up in Berlin: Having an ice cream, hide in the shade or go swimming. Where's the nearest lake or public swimming pool? Check out our favorite lakes and open air swimming pools.

Please note that some pools may be closed due to construction work. Currently, the summer pool Wilmersdorf is still under construction. The summer pool in the Kombibad Spandau-Süd will unfortunately be closed in 2023, the indoor pool is open and you can use the terrace of the summer pool for sunbathing. For the time being, the summer pool Lichterfelde (Spucki) remains closed for good. For the latest information, please visit the website of the Berliner Bäderbetriebe.

We've mapped our favorite lakes and wild swimming spots in Berlin for you. Check out our Berlin Swimming Map, to see how to get there by public transport! 

Berlin Badekarte
© visitBerlin


Free download of the Berlin Swimming map here

Lakeside Beaches

  • 1 lido Kiessee Schildow S8 Mühlenbeck-Mönchmühle (good for kids)
  • 2 Strandbad Rahmer See S2 Bernau, then bus 891 to Zühlsdorf train station
  • 3 Wandlitzsee RB27 to Wandlitz
  • 4 Liepnitzsee RB 3 to Bernau, then bus (890/909) to Ützdorf. Continue on foot. You should not underestimate the footpath, it goes first a good half hour by the forest before you spy the wonderfully clear lake between the trees. If you have the bike with you, it is of course faster.
  • 5 Großer Wukensee S2 Bernau, then bus 896 to Biesenthal
  • 6 Strandbad Weißensee Tram 12 Berliner Allee/Indira- Gandhi-Straße
  • 7 Strandbad Orankesee Ringbahn to Landsberger Allee, Tram M4 direction Falkenberg to Buschallee/Hansastraße or Tram 27, M10, M13, M17 to Buschallee/Suermondtstraße (good for kids)
  • 8 Straussee S5 Strausberg city 
  • 9 Schermützelsee RB26 (direction Kostrzyn) Müncheberg train station, then bus 928 Buckow
  • 10 Strandbad Wendenschloss S3 Köpenick, then streetcar 62 to terminal stop Wendenschloßstraße
  • 11 Kleiner Müggelsee S3 Köpenick, then bus 169 to Rübezahl, 8 minutes walk (good for kids)
  • 12 Strandbad Müggelsee S3 Friedrichshagen and streetcar 61 to Waldschänke
  • 13 Flakensee Regionalbahn to Erkner, then 5 minutes walk to Zentralen Omnibusbahnhof and bus 419, 429, 436 to Erkner, Löcknitz Anlegestelle, then 15 minutes walk
  • 14 Lake Dämeritz S3 Erkner, only 10 minutes walk away
  • 15 Flussbad an der Dahme from S Adlershof streetcar 63 direction Mahlsdorf/Rahnsdorfer Straße to Schloßplatz Köpenick, then 6 minutes walk or from S Grünau streetcar 63 direction S Köpenick to Schloßplatz Köpenick (good for kids)
  • 16 Dahme Bammelecke Tram 68 Bammelecke
  • 17 Strandbad Grünau S8/S46, then streetcar 68 to Strandbad Grünau (on the shore of Langer See) (good for kids)
  • 18 Strandbad Schmöckwitz S8/S46 Zeuthen, then bus 733 or S46 to Grünau and from S Grünau streetcar 68 to Alt-Schmöckwitz (good for kids)
  • 19 Krimnicksee S46 Königs Wusterhausen, then bus 722 to Senzig/Lindenstraße
  • 20 Zeesener See RB24 to Zeesen
  • 21 Krumme Lanke U3
  • 22 Schlachtensee S1
  • 23 Wannsee S1
  • 24 Stadtbad Park Babelsberg S7 Potsdam central station, then 30 minutes walk
  • 25 Waldbad Templin S7 Potsdam main station, then bus 607 to Forsthaus Templin
  • 26 Strandbad Lehnin am Klostersee S7 Potsdam main station, then bus 580 to Fischersberg
  • 27 Kleine Badewiese Gatow from Spandau town hall Bus 134 direction Kladow to Alt-Gatow
  • 28 Kombibad Spandau Süd Bus 131, 134, 135, 136, 149, 235, 638, X34, X49 Am Omnibushof
  • 29 Groß Glienicker See S+U station Rathaus Spandau, then bus 135 direction Alt-Kladow to Seekorso, 11 minutes walk (good for kids)
  • 30 Strandbad Jungfernheide U7 Siemensdamm
  • 31 Flughafensee U6 to Holzhauser Straße, then 15 minutes walk
  • 32 Lake Tegel U6 Alt Tegel
  • 33 Strandbad Heiligensee Bus 124 direction Alt-Heiligensee to Dorfaue, then 10 minutes walk
  • 34 Strandbad Lübars S1 Waidmannslust, then bus 222 to Am Vierrutenberg (good for kids)

Extra tips

  • FEZ-Badesee S3 direction Erkner or Friedrichshagen to S-Bahn station Wuhlheide. Walk from Wuhlheide S-Bahn station, approx. 12 - 15 minutes. (good for kids)
  • Flussbad Gartenstraße S47 Spindlersfeld, then 17 minutes walk or S3 to Köpenick then Tram 62 to Schloßplatz Köpenick and 7 minutes walk (Gartenstraße 46, 12557 Berlin).
  • Nikolassee S1/S7

Open-air Swimming Pools

  • 35 Sommerbad Pankow U2 and S2 Pankow, then streetcar 50 to Stiftsweg
  • 36 Water playground in the zoo (good for kids)
  • 37 Sommerbad Wuhlheide S3 Karlshorst, then streetcar M17, 21, 27, 37 to Treskowallee/Volkspark Wuhlheide (good for kids)
  • 38 Sommerbad Gropiusstadt U7 Lipschitzallee/fritz-Erler-Allee, Bus 172, 744, X11 Gesundheitszentrum (health center)
  • 39 Summer pool Neukölln Bus 104, U8 Boddinstraße (good for kids)
  • 40 Sommerbad Mariendorf U6 Alt Mariendorf, then bus 277, 282 to Imbrosweg (good for kids)
  • 41 Kombibad Mariendorf summer pool S2 Buckower Chaussee, then bus M76, X76 to Ankogelweg (good for kids)
  • 42 Sommerbad Am Insulaner S2, S25 Priesterweg, Bus M76, X76, 170, 187, 246 (good for kids)
  • 43 Sommerbad Wilmersdorf S45, S46, S47 Heidelberger Platz, S41 and S42, U3 Heidelberger Platz (good for kids)
  • 44 lido Halensee S41, S42, S45, S46, S47 to S Halensee
  • 45 Summer pool Olympiastadion U2 Olympia-Stadion and S5 Olympiastadion (good for kids)
  • 46 Sommerbad Staaken-West (temporarily closed) S+U Rathaus Spandau, then bus M32 to Am alten Gaswerk  (good for kids)
  • 47 Strandbad Plötzensee U6 Seestraße, then streetcar M13/50 to Virchow-Klinikum (good for kids)
  • 48 Kombibad Seestraße U8 and U9 Osloer Straße, M13 and 50 Louise-Schröder-Platz (good for kids)
  • 49 Sommerbad Humboldthain S1, S2, S25 Humboldthain, Bus 120, 147 (good for kids)
  • 50 Kinderbad Monbijou S1, S2, S25, S26 Oranienburger Straße, S3, S9, S5, S7 Hackescher Markt, Tram M1, M5, M6, 12 (good for kids)
  • 51 Kreuzberg summer pool (Prinzenbad) U1, U3 Prinzenstraße, bus 140, 248
  • 52 Badeschiff an der Arena Bus 165, 265 to Heckmannufer, U1 Schlesisches Tor, S8, S9, S41, S42, S85 to Treptower Park
  • Extra tip: Platsch children's pool S7 Raoul-Wallenberg-Strasse (good for kids)

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Ps: Obviously, there are much more bathing areas in Berlin. We also decided to leave out some open air swimming pools, which didn’t fully comply with our idea of a Berlin map focusing on U-and S-Bahn lines. But don’t worry; just take a look at the commentary section for more inspiration! Because no matter where you end up on a hot summer day in Berlin – we wish you a wonderful day at the waterfront!