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Berlin's Top 11 Ice Cream Parlours

The best manufactures, vegan ice cream and much more

Ice cream cones
Ice cream cones © GettyImages, Foto: Hero Images Inc

These 11 recommendations are a must-try this summer. Berlin has an enormous variety of ice cream parlours and shops to keep you busy throughout the warm months. Whether you're a vegan or an ice cone connoisseur, there's something for everyone. Visit your favourite ice cream parlour in the neighbourhood or try out some fancy ice cream trends. With the support of our social media community, we've tracked down the best ice cream in Berlin for you. 

Top 1: Vegan ice cream in Berlin - sustainable refreshment

Eating ice cream, colourful variety
Eating ice cream, colourful variety © gettyimages, Foto: Stefan Cristian Cioata

Most ice cream parlours now have a few vegan flavours in their range. With our recommendations, however, you get uncompromising vegan ice cream enjoyment. All flavours are made without animal products. Our highlights: Vegan spaghetti ice cream, vegan ice cream sandwich and vegan banana ice cream with chocolate-caramel sauce.

Top 2: Ice cream manufactories - all-round package for sweet tooths

Couple eating ice cream
Couple eating ice cream © GettyImages, Foto: Westend61

In a manufactory, products are handmade by specialised experts. When this principle meets delicious ice cream, enjoyment is pre-programmed. Ice cream manufactories are usually notable for the fact that, in addition to ice cream specialities, they also offer fine chocolates, wonderful pastries and elaborate cakes. A great idea for a visit with the whole family, because there is something for everyone.

Top 3: Extraordinary varieties - ice-cold taste explosion

Friends eating ice cream
Friends eating ice cream © GettyImages, Foto: RyanJLane

The flavours cucumber-lemon-mint, chocolate-ginger, chocolate-coffee-sherry or caipirinha make your mouth water? Then you'll love the following ice cream parlours. The Berlin originals reflect the capital's love of experimentation with their selection. The flavours dance like a colourful party in your mouth. If your company is in a less experimental mood, there are also delicious classics here.

Top 4: The classic ice cream parlour - childhood memories included

Child enjoying ice cream
Child enjoying ice cream © GettyImages, Foto: Cavan Images

For that retro feeling, we recommend classic ice cream parlours that have been making customers happy with their ice cream for decades. Here you'll find the typical ice cream parlour flair: red and white striped awnings and appetising pictures of thick sundaes above the counter. But of course, the classics are also keeping up with the times and now have vegan varieties in the display, so everyone is happy.

Top 5: Your favourite ice cream to take home with you

Two scoops of ice cream in a sundae at Spoonful Berlin
Spoonful Berlin © Spoonful Berlin/Manuel Gutjahr

These Berlin ice cream parlours have become so successful that you can not only enjoy their products on site, but also take them home, to your hotel or holiday accommodation in filled cups. The companies attach great importance to sustainability and pay attention to resource-saving production, natural ingredients and sustainable packaging materials. You can find them in several branches throughout Berlin.

Top 6: Colourful ice cream parlours in the Kiez - popular meeting place 

tables in front of the "Café Tanne B" in Berlin
exterior view "Café Tanne B" © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Every Berlin Kiez loves its ice cream parlour. This is where the whole neighbourhood meets in summer. The range leaves nothing to be desired: You'll find classics like chocolate, strawberry and stracciatella as well as vegan sorbets or one or two unusual flavours. The best thing is to sit and linger while life in the neighbourhood goes about its business. Or on your way home from a sightseeing tour, you can get a little something to cool you down.

Top 7: More is more - trendy ice cream with extras and toppings

Ice cream rolls with marshmallow
Ice cream rolls at Delabuu Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Daria Baron

These recommendations design their ice cream according to the principle "more is more". At Delabuu, you can put together your own individual ingredients and toppings, which are worked into the ice cream rolls according to the Thai method. The ice cream parlour Chunks by KoRo was founded by ice cream influencer Hannah Heinemann. The ice cream connoisseur mixes giant chunks into her ice cream, which are the hallmark of the shop.

Top 8: Italian ice cream - Dolce Vita in Berlin

Two Funny Girls Looking At Camera
© gettyimages, Bild: Evgenija Lanz / EyeEm

Maybe you're longing for Italy or have just come back from holiday - but don't worry, you can also enjoy a slice of dolce vita in Berlin in the form of creamy Italian gelato. And what is the trademark of an Italian ice cream parlour, apart from unbeatably delicious ice cream? That's right, unbeatably good coffee.

Top 9: Crispy fun - when the wafer steals the show from the ice cream

Aldemirs Eisdiele
© visitBerlin

For many ice cream fans, nothing is complete without a crisp, fresh waffle. You'll find the best waffles at these ice cream parlours: Aldemir Eis - one of the oldest ice cream parlours in Berlin. The recipe for success is, among other things, the homemade ice cream wafers with their golden-yellow honeycomb structure, which simply invite you to bite into them. And Sweet2Go - here, too, you can see that the ice cream wafers are handmade, because they are baked fresh every day.

Top 10: Trend and eye-catcher - handmade popsicles

© GettyImages, Foto: Halfdark

Popsicles sweeten up your summer with bright colours and stunning flavours. The ice cream on a stick is made by hand and can take on any flavour from fruity-fresh to creamy-chocolatey. Several Berlin manufacturers have recognised the trend and produce the cheerful ice pops. Sustainability is a high priority for all of them.

  • Gimme Gelato
  • Two more popsicle manufactures from Berlin and Brandenburg: Paletas and California Pops, available in many kiosks, cafés and other shops.

Top 11: Soft ice cream - floating on a soft cloud

Berliner Naschmarkt
Naschmarkt in Berlin - Zeit für ein Eis © Slow Food Berlin, Foto: Udo Tremmel

Creamy soft clouds of soft ice cream remind you of the fairs and beach holidays of your childhood. Plain or with the distinctive red or chocolate brown icing, soft ice cream is perfection in form. Let the silky texture melt in your mouth. At Cremeria Maria, the homemade soft ice cream is made from organic milk. Here you can even find vegan soft ice cream in lemon, mango and strawberry flavours.

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