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Two scoops of ice cream in a sundae at Spoonful Berlin
Spoonful Berlin © Spoonful Berlin/Manuel Gutjahr

Spoonful Berlin

Homemade Goodies

Spoonful Berlin is the successor to Eismanufaktur Berlin - one of Berlin's best-known ice cream café chains. The most centrally-located café is in Berlin-Mitte. The Eismanufaktur ice cream shop lies on a quiet side street amidst the hustle and bustle of Berlin's central district. Directly across from the café is a children's playground.

Exotic and classic flavours

In addition to more unusual flavours such as caramel fleur de sel or white chocolate with parmesan, the classics are also on offer, including particularly fruity sorbets in flavours such as guava and passion fruit. The Eismanufaktur also pays particular attention to the quality of the ice cream: artificial flavours and colours are taboo. The counters even include lactose-free and vegan ice creams. Besides ice cream, you can enjoy also various types of coffee, milkshakes and cold drinks under the sparkling chandeliers and stucco ceilings of the café.