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gay pride balloons
© Getty Images, Foto: JamesTung

RuT WomenLiving&Culture

Women's Lesbian Cultural and Housing Project in Berlin

Similar to the Lebensort Vielfalt project that emerged from the gay community, RuT - Rad und Tat Berlin gGmbH is planning a residential and cultural place for women-loving women in Berlin. The focus is on shared living for women of all ages. In addition, it will be a lively place where leisure and cultural activities take place. The aim of the project is to create affordable living space where queer women and lesbians can live in a self-determined way - regardless of disability or age.

The inclusive, intergenerational housing project, whose construction will start in autumn 2023, is being developed as a model in cooperation with the municipal housing association Berlin-Mitte mbH WBM and is located not far from Alexanderplatz in Berolinastraße, a short distance from the underground station "Schillingstraße".

72 low barrier flats, five of them wheelchair accessible, are being built for women-lesbians in their diversity, including a large shared apartment for queer women and lesbians with care needs. The project contributes to gender equality and improvement of social health and was designed on the basis of many years of experience of RuT e. V.. It represents a qualitative and - spatially also quantitative - further development of this work.