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Puppentheater Berlin

Great art on a small stage

Lovingly devised pieces for young and old alike in Berlin's Charlottenburg district. Come on by!

Not far from Richard-Wagner-Platz at Luisenkirche, Puppentheater Berlin welcomes you to its lovely and intimate venue. About 70 children at matinees and about 50 adults in the evenings can fit into the tiny theatre.

History of the theatre

Puppentheater Berlin was founded in the heart of West Berlin in 1984. It has since been thrilling audiences young and old with every form of puppet theatre, including hand puppets and marionettes, shadow plays and mask theatre, and even conventional dramas. What sets Puppentheater Berlin apart is the musical accompaniment provided for almost every performance. Musicians from the local conservatory accompany performances with piano, violin, cello, saxophone, and many other instruments.

What's on the programme?

Puppentheater Berlin has an extensive repertoire, including 20 pieces for children and 6 productions for adults. For the youngest guests between 30 months and 5 years of age, pieces like  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter, Hänschen Klein, Komm Spiel mit mir, Der Herbst and Weihnachten are on offer. The little ones are invited to get involved in making the music and singing along.

There are 15 productions in the repertoire for children between the ages of 4 and 8,  for example, Karneval der Tiere, a piece about proud lions, wild donkeys, a dancing elephant, and a surprise guest from ancient times. This has been one the theatre's biggest hits in recent years.  Hansel and Gretel makes for a wonderful theatrical experience and not just during the festive season before Christmas. The theatre also performs Der Hase und der Igel , a piece about a rabbit and a hedgehog that's been a hit when taken on the road to Japan, Korea, Italy, Austria, and Denmark.

For older kids ages eight and up, there are five pieces to choose from: Das fröhliche Landmahl,  Zehn Minuten bis Buffallo, Bilder einer Ausstellung, Sophie-Charlotte and Das Fuchsgericht. The latter is a show that the Puppentheater has successfuly toured in the US, Denmark, Austria, and at many German theatre festivals.

Adults are treated to some puppet theatre, too, with shows like Faust, Herbstabend, Humperdinck, Deutsche Balladen and Das Fräulein von Scuderi providing a good mix of pieces from different genres.

The audience says: "wonderful, imaginative, poetic, lovingly arranged, excellently staged. Just simply VERY RECOMMEND! "